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Don: and Veronica Taylor agreed to be voice in one of ProZD's videos: Even though they no longer voice for the Pokémon anime, you can see they really enjoyed it enough to do them again as guest voices. It's amazing. Feb 13, 2018 6:09:02 GMT -4
Don: Eric Stuart can fuck off though, that guy became such a whiny brat that he even praised when he made some joke on a planned shooting in some Pokémon event. Look, I understand why he is so upset, but that doesn't give him an excuse to take things that far. Feb 13, 2018 6:11:17 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: Well his Seto Kaiba after all, that character and himself mirroring each other's in many, many ways! Though, really? When did he say that? Even having a towering ego, I doubt he'd openly advocate a mass murder. Feb 13, 2018 15:51:28 GMT -4
Don: Here (because he probably deleted it from his Twitter): He claims it's "just a joke" but that's an extremely tasteless one. Also I corrected my shout that you responded to. Feb 13, 2018 17:49:40 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: Oh Stuart being a bit of a jerk is nothing new to me, but huh. Yeah. He certainty is a real life Kaiba-boy alright complete with the unpleasentness at times. Not all the times, but usually, yeah, times. Feb 13, 2018 19:06:12 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: He isn't shy about sprouting his "Drying Pan" line to fans at conventions far as I can recall. Although he is pretty hostile to those that ask for Yugioh Abridged series lines. Feb 13, 2018 19:07:11 GMT -4 *
Don: Yeah, I recall hearing something about Stuart not being a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh abridged. Guess he doesn't like his voice acting being imitated or just joke series in general. And, just to compare them, everyone in Funimation LOVES Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Feb 13, 2018 19:17:06 GMT -4 *
Don: in fact members of Team Four Star have been on such good terms with the FUNI crew that some of them have provided voices of Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2, plus Chris Sabat ahs even provided his voice for an episode (I think it was just one) of DBZ Abridged. Feb 13, 2018 19:20:07 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: Yep, Stuart's reasoning on that matter can be summed up as himself stating (why he went 3'd person I have no idea) "Anything Eric Stuart says is funnier than Little Kuriboh." Feb 13, 2018 19:54:23 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: But yeah, Funimation sure does! Not to mention some of those Super dubbed episodes seem like that Team Four Star outright wrote the script a few times! Well, namely the shift to poking fun at the usual series' cliches and other funny moments, Feb 13, 2018 19:55:02 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: like the narrator being interrupted by Goku and subsequently quitting. Heck, Fighterz in general and just how much Cell goes about trolling people. It's fun to see a corporate entity and its fanbase get along so well and create magic together Feb 13, 2018 19:56:03 GMT -4
LUNI_TUNZ: That looks more like a facebook quote than a twitter post. But wow. That's an asshole move. There's also layers to how awful it is, I mean, not only does he joke about an attempted mass murder but he drags the current series cast for no reason. Feb 13, 2018 20:05:26 GMT -4
Don: ShiningStarlia: Yep, Funimaiton might do things in the dub that not everybody agrees with (like that whole Goku Black voice change thing I mentioned) but when they are being awesome, it shows. I mean they're a lot better compared to how they first began. Feb 13, 2018 20:13:56 GMT -4 *
Don: LUNI_TUNZ: Yeah, it's really sad. Btw, I heard something about Michelle Knotz also still being bitter about all this... Feb 13, 2018 20:15:19 GMT -4 *
LUNI_TUNZ: I can't blame her. Hell, he's in the business, he should know the cast had little to do with the casting change. Feb 13, 2018 21:10:39 GMT -4
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: Funimation's a bigger fan of TFS than Toei is, that's for sure. Funimation was nice enough to let TFS do the Hercule vs Cell movie scene, and then Toei got all butthurt about it and told them to redo it without those "copyright infringers." Fuckasses. Feb 13, 2018 21:22:22 GMT -4 *
Don: Yeah, I know. In fact I'm the one who told you all about that. Basically to say to you; "even though Funimation dubs more accurately to the original, they will do things with the dialogue to make it more fun as well as natural to the Western audience". Feb 15, 2018 17:07:48 GMT -4 *
scotsoulgem: Er, hello, I'm sorta new. Feb 19, 2018 2:56:01 GMT -4
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: Hello there. Welcome to Pokemopolis 2! Your introduction/initiation can be finished here: . Feb 19, 2018 4:10:49 GMT -4
scotsoulgem: Award for worst intro goes to me. Feb 19, 2018 5:25:32 GMT -4