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Donkarasu: Complaining about TPCI skipping SM064 means they also watch the dub version or they are people who only watch the dub, but are aware of every episode when they air in Japan and thus where wanting to see this episode dubbed and got upset it was banned. Mar 26, 2019 3:26:04 GMT -4 *
Donkarasu: Yes, there where people who only watched the original complained about it too, but they're just a part of it. Mar 26, 2019 17:37:01 GMT -4 *
Donkarasu: So I understand going against those who made something controversial or are horrible people, but there's no justifying doing it to a good person who's work is innocent simply because you don't like it. You can hate the work without insulting the creator. Mar 26, 2019 19:13:53 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: And I'll add on that just because one group is loud and pointlessly angry doesn't mean you have to stoop to their level to counter it. Mar 26, 2019 23:23:44 GMT -4
Donkarasu: Agreed, it's better to just ignore the criticism than letting it get to you. And this also leads to people trying to force new viewers not to watch a certain version of a show simply because they don't like it. Fuck off and let folks decide for themselves. Mar 27, 2019 17:29:16 GMT -4 *
pkfan: Hey guys I'm planning on doing a Pokemon crossover story with Deadpool, due to the 'Detective Pikach' movie coming out and I was wandering if you guys would have any suggestions for me to use in the story. Mar 28, 2019 20:41:14 GMT -4
pkfan: I mean first off I am going to have Wade completely destroy the fourth wall, and the stuff he's going to say about the franchise and the fanbase as a whole, trust me nothing will be off limits. The title is going to be called 'Alola to The Merc' so yeah. Mar 28, 2019 20:43:31 GMT -4
pkfan: like I said I'm open to any ideas for the story. Mar 28, 2019 20:44:00 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: Well we haven't really ever covered fanfiction here, but I say that if you have an idea you wanna use, then by all means go for it. Though I say try not to have the satire overtake the plot, it should be used as a supplement after all. Mar 29, 2019 9:00:54 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: Though also you should make sure to post it there instead of here if you do write it out. Mar 29, 2019 9:01:45 GMT -4
pkfan: Oh trust me I'm going to post it there and as for plot... no comment on that one. Mar 31, 2019 21:30:07 GMT -4
Donkarasu: People can hate silly things without acting like they are offended by it. It's not that hard. Apr 1, 2019 17:15:54 GMT -4 *
Donkarasu: Ash-Greninja sure was great: twitter.com/RosauraGerissen/status/1100253699665002497 Apr 1, 2019 18:00:23 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: The flaws of XY and XYZ were many, and there's too many to count. The whole reason I believe that transformation exists is because they had recently used the Ash's Charizard card and he had no mega-capable Pokemon on him, and generation 6's gimmick was Apr 1, 2019 23:27:34 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: super saiyan transformations, and Greninja was popular (Heck I like the frog and his transformation still; characters and mon's can't decide to be overwhelmingly popular) enough that the writer's be like "Lol, we dun goofed. Gen 7 is coming and we Apr 1, 2019 23:28:45 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: "Fiddled around procrastinating long enough. We write ourselves into a corner so just give the Frog super saiyan powers and lets wrap this up quickly so we can move onto gen 7." Apr 1, 2019 23:29:55 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: Was more of a major pacing issue and they learned their lessons with the Sun and Moon anime. I can only hope that they don't drop the ball now and honestly have the audience feel like there has been true progression on Ash's journey by the end of it. Apr 1, 2019 23:32:17 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: I have to say, the Bewear Kite comedy in the most recent episode was pure gold! Apr 15, 2019 12:07:19 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: You know, I love the clever nod to the games where Ryuki mentions the problems with his baby-like face which is why he hides it the way like we see. However, while it isn't really brought up here, the way his actual eyes are shown does show that youthful Apr 22, 2019 10:12:55 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: aspect. A clever nod there, haha. Apr 22, 2019 10:13:04 GMT -4