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Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: Well excuse me for not liking a shitty soundtrack. Dec 3, 2018 14:37:40 GMT -4
Donkarasu: Nobody said you can't like it, it's just you keep on reminding us that you hate it. Dec 3, 2018 18:09:20 GMT -4
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: It's out of bafflement at how much worse it got. Plus, I'm still reeling from M21. Over the course of the month (as the gap between experiences with that music and not experiencing it will be growing), this'll die down. Dec 3, 2018 19:46:12 GMT -4 *
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: Generally, my vitriol toward the JP music is in proportion to how recently I experienced it and how much of it was included in that recent experience. That and its quality (or lack thereof). Dec 4, 2018 1:43:13 GMT -4 *
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: Experiencing (most of) an entire movie full of his noise made for pure wrath. Dec 4, 2018 1:49:35 GMT -4
Donkarasu: So Veronica Taylor will be voicing two characters in Dragon Ball Super, Dec 4, 2018 19:15:45 GMT -4 *
Donkarasu: one from the TV show: twitter.com/dragonballsuper/status/1069417418940923904 Dec 4, 2018 19:16:18 GMT -4
Donkarasu: and another from the movie: twitter.com/FUNimation/status/1070038547787276288 Dec 4, 2018 19:16:36 GMT -4
andrewscott48209: I knew about Ribranne ne from the TV series, but I didn't know about Berry Blue from the Broly movie. Dec 4, 2018 21:11:46 GMT -4 *
Donkarasu: What makes Veronica Taylor voicing Ribrianne/Brianne de Chateau interesting is it was actually suggested by a fan to that she would be a good choice for said character, to which Veronic agreed: twitter.com/TheVeronicaT/status/975920192537575424 Dec 5, 2018 13:03:48 GMT -4
Donkarasu: I want to say I love how much the Japanese version of the Sun & Moon Pokémon anime series is playing with the "Who is it?" eye catch part, like in the recent episode having to Skull Gang members arguing over it in both before and after the ad break. Dec 5, 2018 18:53:04 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: Considering Ribrianne's infamous reputation in the DB Super fandom, I'm a bit worried, but not that much. She'l put on an amazing show, that's without a doubt! Plus this isn't Veronica's first rodeo with DB. Dec 6, 2018 0:07:31 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: I remember her voicing a blind kid who was healed by Fat Buu back in Z. And that must've been like, almost 20 years ago I think! Dec 6, 2018 0:08:07 GMT -4
Donkarasu: It's funny, despite Ribrianne getting so much hate (not me, I think she's an entertaining character and love the Magical Girl parody Toei added with her and her team mates) people were excited to hear that Veronica Taylor was voicing Ribrianne. Dec 6, 2018 6:04:19 GMT -4 *
ShiningStarlia: In a way though. I personally have no problem with her and think her magical girl parody is hilarious and her transformation is meant to look hideous that even in-universe Vegeta couldn't bring himself to punch her when she tried to use Rollout on him. Dec 8, 2018 0:28:31 GMT -4
ShiningStarlia: Though considering how much screentime she soaks up, I can see where most of the complaints come from. Then again, one can say the same thing about the Saiyans (U6 and U7) so who am I to complain? Haha. Dec 8, 2018 0:29:21 GMT -4
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: I think the forum's banner pic should be changed to Tsareena's butt closeup from today's episode. Pokemopolis thrives on easy-to-take-out-of-context stuff like that. Dec 8, 2018 18:08:39 GMT -4 *
Donkarasu: So have been hearing Movie 21 has a heart warming story, it's not another movie that shoehorns in a Mythical and/or Legendary Pokémon for the sake of views, but rather their use in the plot is respectable, all characters get to do something notable, etc. Dec 9, 2018 9:41:38 GMT -4 *
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: While that's true, it did still default to the whole "mythical/legendary hates humans until it meets Ash and friends" formula. Some parts of the old formula just had to stick around. Dec 10, 2018 21:52:31 GMT -4
Ryu Taylor, Dub Lover: Everything else was fresh and well-done, though. And though I trash the music (the only weak point of the movie, and boy is it an Achilles' Heel; that is except for the dub's ending song), the movie itself is spectacular. Dec 10, 2018 21:54:07 GMT -4 *